About Kelly Kelly
About Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

Reverse Mortgage Planner NMLS#1242327

As the only full-time Reverse Mortgage Planner in South Dakota, my passion and mission is to educate and inform people 62+ about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). My very first reverse mortgage was for a 101 and 102 year old affluent couple who had outlived their money.

I have been married to my husband Dave for 28 years and we have three grown daughters. I know firsthand that family and the legacy we want to leave with them and in their hearts is at the core of decisions we make. My husband and I plan to get a reverse mortgage when we are 62.

In addition to raising our three daughters, my background with small businesses, marketing, advertising, real estate and television all came back to everyone has a story and a vision for their life and how they want to live it. I am truly blessed, honored and humbled to be a Reverse Mortgage Planner and see firsthand lives changed, legacy’s planned and retirement enjoyed!

In my free time, I love spending time with our family exploring the outdoors, new cities, and watching home videos. Volunteering at Meals on Wheels is a continual blessing in my life and we are always looking for help! I am looking forward to my time serving as a Board member with Workers on Wheels through Active Generations. Emily’s Hope is another organization that I am involved with to raise awareness,
support and provide hope for people struggling with addictions. In January of 2021, I received my Certified Senior Advisor designation. NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) is an organization I am proud to be a member of as I have a passion to continually be learning to better serve my clients.

Faith, Family and Fairway inspire me to be a continual learner in this ever changing world so I can better serve others. The Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated and an attitude of gratitude are my daily mantras.